Bettie MacIntyre

Shorn Locks

He was five, and I was three, he led, I followed, a happy me. Carried out a stool and sat me down. Under the Lilac tree, fragrance abound. Mother’s scissors in a small hand, blonde curls cut and fell to the ground. Covered the grass and all around, Never a whimper or a sound. He […]

Window Kisses

The moonlight is reflecting off the ground below, welcoming window kisses in the glistening glow. A little hand on the window frame, a tiny face appears in the wavy glass pane. A simple gift, a memory to last forever, and awhile. Dance, and sing, laugh, and smile. A glimpse of you fills my heart with […]


A man of great height, a gentleman, caressed a broken little soul, with his big ole hands. Embracing her with his arms, he did hold. Most of all, she loved his smile. To your knee, she only reached, so on your foot, she sat and swayed. The Bible you would read and preach, rocking in […]