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A sensuous woman, Liz fantasizes that men are attracted to her beauty and not her money, but that glittering exterior hides a troubled soul. She and her friend Clara love to party and are together everywhere. A professional singer and piano player, Clara is reserved, not glamorous in the traditional sense, saving herself for the right man. On her debut night at the exclusive Swan River Nightclub, she waits for Liz to show up, but there is no sign of her friend. In the club’s parking lot, a handsome, distinguished Joe Vigliara offers his help, and Clara is smitten with the much older man.

Luxuriating life at his sprawling mansion, she decides that Joe is the right man, and events take their inevitable romantic course. She has everything she dreamed of having: professional success, a happy marriage, a child … except her friend Liz is not there to share it. As the months turn to years, she wonders is she would ever find her to make her life complete. Clara loves Joe unreservedly … until another man enters her life.

A sensitive story of lasting friendship, intrigue, and forbidden love.

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