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The Legacy of James Driscoll

James was born into poverty. As children, he and his brother Francis slept on the floor together and listened to their stomachs grumble from hunger. Being hungry was a habit James could never get used to. He made a vow that if he ever had children of his own, they would never feel the pains of hunger he endured. His father worked hard, but never cared for the kids, drinking himself into a stupor and chasing loose women, leaving the family without money for anything. As he grew up, James heard people say the word dysfunctional, and thought they were talking about him.

James overcame deprivation and now dines in the finest restaurants and enjoys life’s comforts. He is a self-taught man, marrying his long-time sweetheart, and along the way built a business empire. As a senior running many marathons, he has never forgotten from where he came. He delights in his undying love for his wife and four children. Being a poor quiet boy, James became a rich quiet man.

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