Bettie MacIntyre

Window Kisses

The moonlight is reflecting off the ground below,

welcoming window kisses in the glistening glow.

A little hand on the window frame,

a tiny face appears in the wavy glass pane.

A simple gift, a memory to last forever, and awhile.

Dance, and sing, laugh, and smile.

A glimpse of you fills my heart with delight.

Window kisses to treasure every night.

We walked a modest path year ago.

Now, window kisses are memories of woe.

Window kisses, a memory in the passage of time.

Window kisses, a memory graced in rhyme.

Time to leave, time to go.

The ’morrow will come – Oh, so slow!

Forever held together in loving bliss,

knowing we gave a window kiss.

Our hearts one day will meld again,

by moonbeams glowing on your face ingrained.

Empty feelings are erasing the heart amiss,

and in the end, embracing a lasting,

a Window Kiss.

Dedicated to Little Mae and Irene.