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Miss Lily Put and Miss Day Lily

Chapter 1 

Miss Lily Put and Miss Day Lily live on the North end of Meadow Pond, in the Lily Pads, on Lotus Lane. They are best friends with Mr. Tiger Lily, who lives on the South Pond Marsh. Today Miss Lily and Miss Day are going for afternoon tea with Mr. Tiger Lily.

It was a beautiful afternoon, and Miss Lily Put and Miss Day Lily paddled on a Lotus Pad to the South Pond Marsh. On their way, they put their noses up to smell the sweet fragrance of the wildflowers. Miss Day Lily being shy, her white petals turned pink when a Batchelor Button winked at her.

“Miss Lily, do you think Mr. Batchelor Button likes me?” Miss Day Lily asked.

“Miss Day, everyone likes you,” Miss Lily Put smiled, answered, and fluttered her petals.

The girls enjoyed how the daisies looked on the bank, paddled to the edge, chatted, said goodbye, and went on their way.

Arriving at Mr. Tiger Lily’s, they were about to share a cup of Honeysuckle Tea when Miss Blue Heron and Mr. Cormorant flew in to join them. Miss Lily Put turned to Miss Heron and remarked. “It must be wonderful to fly high and feel the wind at your face?”

“We’ll give you a ride next time,” Miss Blue Heron replied, and Mr. Cormorant agreed!

It was always a special treat when Mr. and Mrs. Beaver swam over with their twins from their dam. Beanie was a cute little boy, and his teeth were coming in. He was chewing on everything! Beanie was chewing on a small log on the last visit, and he chewed right through it! Mr. Beaver patted him, smiled proudly, and said, “Good job, son.”

His twin sister Becky was adorable. Her teeth hadn’t come in. but Mr. Tiger Lily always asked, “Open your mouth wide, Becky, I want to see your chomper’s.” Becky opened, but no teeth.

Miss Lily and Miss Day took turns holding Becky. She looked sweet with her red bow and big brown eyes. Mrs. Beaver was proud of how well behaved her children were.

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